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2013-10-14 04:15 pm


 I think I'm going to change up my blogging scheme. Not that I use the dreamwidth much, but I've come to the realization that I do actually need a place to rant where I won't get shat on in my other mediums. I don't like it when people are watching. Call me paranoid if you will, but eh.

Just means fictions will have to get their own comm or something. Wheee off to who knows where~
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2013-02-26 01:50 am

I Am the Crab Lord || Archive

Subject: Reika/Manabu/Kazuki (no pairing)
Rating: PG
Subject: What happens in Shi's spare time during classes, and crab lord macros are spotted.
Notes: This is a drabble from a back-dated tumblr post. Also this is a work of fiction and in is no way a reflection of true events even though it'd be funny if it were.
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2013-02-25 11:44 pm
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Starting Up!

If you've managed to stumble upon this place, either I've thrown the link at you or you're here from some other means. This is where all the pretty fanfics and such go, and maybe I'll get all creative and put some edits and such up as well~