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Subject: Reika/Manabu/Kazuki (no pairing)
Rating: PG
Subject: What happens in Shi's spare time during classes, and crab lord macros are spotted.
Notes: This is a drabble from a back-dated tumblr post. Also this is a work of fiction and in is no way a reflection of true events even though it'd be funny if it were.

”… What’s he doin’ in there?”
“He said he was making us food.”
“…….. What kinda food, Zuki?”
“… Crabs? He had to run for beer though.”
“… Crabs?”
“Those are expensive.”
“Yes they are.”
“Did… he got ‘em live, didn’t he?”
“… Zuki, I have a plan.”
Upon returning to his own apartment, Manabu found a quartet of crabs skittering freely about his floor. The guitarist set the six pack in his hands down onto the counter, proceeding to turn and wander into the living room, where the pair of leaders seemed completely straight-faced, staring at the television screen.
“How do you watch this, Reika? Seriously… they’re… wrestling in tight underpants or something.”
The bassist shrugged. “So? It’s fun t’watch.”
“Gay. You’re gay-“
“Oiiii, take that ba-“
Manabu cleared his throat, leaning on the couch the duo were sitting in. “So… who wants to tell me what happened to the crabs?”
There was a moment of silence, before an accusatory finger was pointed in Kazuki’s direction. “He called me gay.”
“You’re watching men on a screen in tights-“
“Don’t make me any more gay than you, Gaga-monster.”
“The correct term is-“
Clearing his throat again, the younger guitarist leaned into the couch just a little bit more, in the hopes the duo would… answer his question.
“I don’t care what the correct term is-“ 
“Why are the crabs skittering across my kitchen floor?”
The moment of silence that followed went on just long enough for the guitarist to waltz back into the kitchen and come out again with a flailing, snapping menace. “First person who tells me what happened to the crabs is spared this one’s wrath.”
Both Kazuki and Reika turned to face the smallest and youngest of the trio, taking time to examine the completely stoic look on his features. 
Reika was the first to speak up. “You think he would?”
“… I dunno, I can’t tell.”
“… Zuki did it!”
“What?! Traitor!”
“Y’started it! Issall yer fault!”
“I wasn’t the one who had the idea to release them!”
“I waddn’t the one who screamed about bein’ the crab lord!”
Manabu folded his arms against his chest, crab in hand, waiting for the duo to get it out of their system. It was only a few short moments before opening his mouth. “I’m going to kill you both, I hope you know that.”
Both leaders stopped, Kazuki in a headlock, staring at the crab-wielding man. “He’s not serious, is he Zuki?”
“… I… can’t … tell…”


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